Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I subscribe to your Women's Health Letter newsletter?

A: Locate the Products navigation tab just below the mast head. Click into it and you'll see a discussion about Women's Health Letter and a link to sign up.

Q: How much does Women's Health Letter newsletter cost?

A: $39 for a one year subscription or $77 for a two year subscription

Q: How often is your Women's Health Letter newsletter published?

A: Once a month, delivered via postal mail.

Q: How often the free Women's Health Alerts published?

A: Once-a-week on Sundays.

Q: How will I get my promised Special Reports now that I've subscribed to the newsletter?

A: You will receive your Special Reports by postal mail delivery within 8-10 business days, longer for international subscribers.

Q: I'm a subscriber to Women's Health Letter. how do I access the archives?

A: Enter your email address and password to login. If this is your first time on the website, enter your customer number and zip code (printed on your mailing label) under Lookup Your Account in the Login screen.

Q: Can I change my emal and password?

A: Login using your email address and password. To change them select Update My Profile after your Login.

Q: What is your phone number?

A: For new subscriptions and renewals, call 800-791-3459. For customer service questions, call 800-610-2107.

Q: How can I contact you by email?

A: Send an email to:

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