Changes in Eye Health Indicate Changes in Brain Health

June 10, 2018

An important contributor to cognitive decline as we age is a decrease in small blood vessel function in the brain. Unfortunately, it's impossible to take pictures of these tiny blood vessels using current brain imaging technology. But there's another way to determine the health of these vessels - and it gives us a good way to prevent memory loss.

While it's currently not possible to see the tiny blood vessels in your brain, it's pretty easy to see the blood vessels in the eyes. And these are quite similar to those in the brain. Therefore, researchers at Johns Hopkins University hypothesized that changes in the blood vessels of the eyes could predict what was happening in the brain, particularly whether memory loss was likely to occur in the future.

To test this theory, the researchers followed 12,317 people for approximately 20 years. They asked the participants to take memory and thinking skills tests at the onset of the study, after six years, and again after about 20 years. They also photographed the participants' retinas to assess their blood vessel health about three years into the study, when the participants were 60 years of age, on average. They divided the participants into three groups based on their retinal blood vessel health: no damage (11,692 participants), mild damage (365 participants), and moderate or severe damage (256 participants).

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The researchers found that the participants in the last group were much more likely to see significant drops on their cognitive tests over time than those in the healthier groups. The researchers believe this study confirms that it's reasonable to assume changes in the eyes are mirroring changes in the brain that can lead to cognitive decline.

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