Rhodiola Reduces Fatigue and Stress in High Stress Jobs

March 11, 2018

If you have to see a doctor in the middle of the night, you certainly hope he or she is alert and able to help. And a good doctor will be. But working the night shift is hard on anyone. Researchers recognized that physicians on night duty would be the perfect candidates for evaluating whether a certain substance could improve mental performance and fatigue.

The substance they were testing wasn't a hot new energy drink or a new drug. It was actually a medicinal plant called Rhodiola rosea that's been used for centuries to fight fatigue. In fact, even the ancient Greeks used Rhodiola medicinally. But since we always want to test traditional knowledge with our modern methods, researchers investigated the plant's effects for a study published in the journal Phytomedicine.

For this study, the researchers recruited 56 young, healthy physicians who had been assigned to the night shift. They conducted a double-blind crossover study over the course of six weeks. Before and after each portion of the study, the physicians completed five tests designed to measure complex perceptive and cognitive cerebral functions and that together allowed the researchers to evaluate the physicians according to a Fatigue Index.

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For the first two-week portion of the study, the participants received either a Rhodiola tablet or a placebo every day. The next two-week period was a wash-out period when none of the participants received any intervention. Then, for the final two-week period, the participants again received either a Rhodiola tablet or a placebo.

The researchers found that there was a statistically significant improvement on the tests among the physicians who received the Rhodiola tablets. This indicates that despite the doctors' stressful work environments, Rhodiola was still able to reduce general fatigue and improve mental performance.

You may not be a physician, but most women know what it's like to be on call in the middle of the night. Whether that describes you or you just want more energy, endurance, and stamina during the daylight hours, Rhodiola can help. You can find it in Advanced Adaptogen Complex, which also contains several other herbs and medicinal plants used for centuries to fight fatigue and build endurance. If you're feeling run down mentally or physically, this may give you the boost you need to feel sharp again.

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