Natural Tocotrienols Help Heal Ulcers and Prevent Recurrence

March 4, 2018

When you take medication for a disease, you certainly want it to resolve the issue. But wouldn't it be great if it could also offer you protection from the issue in the future? Most drug company products aren't able to offer that "bonus." After all, it's really in their best interest to keep you coming back. Lucky for you, nature isn't nearly as profit-driven. And if you're suffering from a peptic ulcer, there's a vitamin that can not only provide relief, but also offer protection to your gastric tissues.

In a recent study, researchers wanted to determine how well rats would respond to a natural ulcer remedy compared to the drug omeprazole (this is the family of over-the-counter medications that includes Prilosec). So they divided the rats into four groups for a study published in World Journal of Gastroenterology. Two groups served as controls and received placebos, one group received omeprazole, and one group received a tocotrienols complex. Tocotrienols are a cousin of vitamin E and are known for their ability to ease gastrointestinal issues and simultaneously support healthy levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

The rats received daily treatments for 28 days before three of the four groups were exposed to a water-immersion restraint stress that induced ulcers. The researchers wanted to see how well the tocotrienols enhanced growth factors. These are substances required for growing tissue. When you're healing from an ulcer, growth factors make a big difference in how well the gastric tissues are repaired and how protected they are from future issues.

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While the rats in the stressed control group experienced a decrease in the growth factors needed to repair the ulcers, those in the tocotrienols group increased their levels. In fact, their growth factor levels matched those of the control group that got to skip the stress sessions. While the mice in the omeprazole group did experience relief from their ulcers, their growth factors didn't increase.

While the researchers can't exactly recreate this study in humans (I don't know about you, but I'm not volunteering to be almost drowned or get stressed out to the point that I develop ulcers), they are confident that tocotrienols will have similar effects for us. So if you're suffering from a peptic ulcer and want to heal it while increasing the chances that you won't get one again in the future, try tocotrienols. I recommend Delta-Fraction Tocotrienols soft gels. You'll get the added bonus of supporting your cholesterol and triglycerides while you're at it - yet another benefit the drug companies aren't going to offer.

And if your ulcer is due to stress, please try to manage your stress if you can. Stress affects your health in a multitude of ways, and an ulcer is just one way your body might be telling you it's had enough.

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