Hibiscus Plant Lowers Blood Pressure

The unrelenting winter weather many of us have been experiencing may have you dreaming of a tropical vacation. I know I certainly am! The trials that cold weather brings can create a lot of stress, which in turn takes a toll on your health, possibly affecting your sleep and raising your blood pressure. If an island getaway is feasible for you, I say you should go for it! But if that's not an option right now, there's still one piece of the tropics that's accessible - and that will help bring your blood pressure down with it.

When I think of a tropical getaway, one of the first images that comes to mind is beautiful scenery with lush greenery and vibrant flowers. If you have a similar mental picture, there's a good chance you're thinking of the hibiscus flower. These blooms are beautiful to look at, but that's just the beginning of what they have to offer. The hibiscus plant has been used medicinally for centuries, and researchers are starting to catch on and investigate the scientific basis for its use.

Researchers just published a meta-analysis of hibiscus studies in the Journal of Hypertension. The researchers were trying to synthesize the current information regarding hibiscus's effects on blood pressure. They focused on randomized controlled trials that looked at hibiscus on its own rather than comparing it to antihypertensive drugs. They were able to identify a total of five studies for the analysis that included 390 participants in all. The studies investigated hibiscus in a variety of forms, including tea, aqueous extract, and powdered extract. And the durations of the studies ranged from 15 days to six weeks.

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After the analysis, the researchers determined that on average, the studies showed that hibiscus lowered systolic blood pressure by 7.58 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by 3.53 mmHg. The higher the participant's blood pressure was to begin with, the more it dropped.

Researchers still don't fully understand why hibiscus works so well to lower blood pressure. But this meta-analysis provides further evidence that it does. It may work by increasing vasodilation or by reducing oxidative stress.

If your blood pressure is high, hibiscus may be able to help. It's just one of many excellent pressure-lowering ingredients found in Advanced Blood Pressure Formula. This product contains hibiscus, magnesium, and a proprietary blend of 11 Chinese herbs to support your blood pressure and the health of your circulatory system. Even if you're heading off to paradise soon, you might want to stick some in your bag just in case.

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