Blood Sugar, Hormones, and Supplements to Address Hot Flashes

When women start experiencing hot flashes, they often assume they're an inevitable part of aging. But while they're very common, you're not doomed to just ride them out. There are a number of systems in the body that can contribute to hot flashes. And restoring equilibrium where it's needed can make a huge difference in allowing you to maintain a steady temperature.

Hot flashes indicate that there's disorganization in the body - and not just because they cause you to leave a trail of rapidly shed layers behind you! There a few common causes of this disorganization. One is irregularity in your blood sugar. If your blood sugar gets too high or too low, you're likely to experience a hot flash. Hot flashes are inflammatory, and both high and low blood sugar are a prelude to inflammation. Obviously, this starts by ensuring you're eating healthful, balanced meals regularly. But you also can try Advanced Blood Sugar Formula to help keep your levels steady.

Next up, of course, are your hormones. Learning that hormones are involved in hot flashes won't surprise you, but which hormones can be implicated in this issue might. Women who have low thyroid hormone or low adrenal hormones may suffer from more frequent hot flashes. If you have other symptoms of low thyroid, which I've written about before, you may want to have your doctor check your blood levels. If adrenal hormones are your issue, Advanced Adrenal Factor may be able to help. In fact, in women over 50, this can complement thyroid hormones to fully support adrenal function.

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Finally, you may need to pay some attention to your hypothalamus (a region of the brain that helps to govern several functions, including temperature regulation, hunger, sleep, mood, sex drive and a variety of other hormonal secretions. Many women can take two hypothalamus extract (from Standard Process) twice a day along with 1,000 mg of pantothenic acid twice a day and see their hot flashes disappear in five days. This support helps the hypothalamus decode and respond appropriately to the messages the ovaries are sending as they experience the changes associated with menopause.

Hot flashes can feel chaotic. And that's a pretty accurate representation of what's going on inside of you when they occur. However, it is possible to restore equilibrium. Give these solutions a try to see what works for you. It's possible you'll need to address all three areas to get the flashes under control. But it's well worth the effort to get to the bottom of the issue.

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