Another powerful reason to take resveratrol every day

Volume 14    |   Issue 29

You probably know that resveratrol is one of my favorite antioxidants. Over the last 20 years, it's become a favorite of researchers too. They just keep finding more and more situations in which they can study it. With such great results, it's no wonder that they want to keep investigating such a promising substance.

We already know that resveratrol is a powerful cancer-chemopreventing agent. We also know that it's beneficial to the neurological, hepatic, and cardiovascular systems. Now researchers from the Department of Human Nutrition and Health in Sweden decided to investigate its effects on immune and endothelial cells.

For the study, they incubated leukemia cells with resveratrol and then activated the cells with an inflammatory stimuli. They found that the resveratrol helped reduce the production of inflammation. They also tried exposing dysfunctional endothelial cells to the resveratrol. Sure enough, it decreased the production of inflammatory agents there too.


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The researchers concluded that resveratrol's effects vary based on what type of cell it's working with. But these effects are generally positive and anti-inflammatory. They believe resveratrol can be useful in triggering the immune system while reducing chronic inflammation.

While inflammation often triggers the immune system to get to work, it seems that resveratrol can be an effective "go-between." That means it not only encourages an effective immune response, but it also protects the body from damage due to excess inflammation.

So when it comes to balancing the immune system and inflammation, resveratrol has proven to be a highly effective agent. This is especially important if you believe you have sustained damage to your endothelial cells (which line your blood vessels), as endothelial dysfunction can be a major contributor to cardiovascular disease. You can get all the resveratrol you need in Advanced Resveratrol Formula. This study shows just one facet of what this powerful polyphenol can do.

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