When reducing your cholesterol can also reduce your blood sugar levels

Volume 13    |   Issue 31

When I have patients who need to get their cholesterol levels under control, I often recommend that they give Mediterranean Cholesterol Formula a try. I think this formula is unique in that it both lowers cholesterol and improves lipid profiles safely. What I have noticed is that after many of my patients take it for three or four months, they will call me to report a surprising side effect — surprising to them, at least.

My patients typically report that, yes, their cholesterol levels have gone down. And, they tell me, so have their blood sugar levels! They're generally both surprised and quite pleased to give me this report. I'm pleased to hear this as well. But I'm not surprised. That's because Mediterranean Cholesterol Formula has a particular ingredient that targets not just cholesterol, but blood sugar as well.

This ingredient is called berberine. Berberine is a plant compound that you can find in a number of plants and herbs. It's been used in traditional medical use for thousands of years. Numerous studies have found that it helps reduce total and LDL cholesterol levels as well as triglycerides better than placebos or even lifestyle interventions. This is why it's included in the Mediterranean Cholesterol Formula despite not being prominent in a traditional Mediterranean diet.

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Studies also have found that berberine effectively reduces blood sugar levels as well. In fact, in one study, researchers had 110 participants with impaired glucose control take either 1,000 mg of berberine or a placebo every day for three months. The results for the berberine groups were very impressive. Their fasting glucose went down by 20%, and their two-hour oral glucose tolerance test scores went down by 26%. And of course, their cholesterol and triglyceride levels improved as well.

Berberine helps support healthy blood sugar levels by unlocking a metabolism regulator called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). AMPK improves insulin sensitivity. When you have too much sugar in your bloodstream, your insulin cell receptors become desensitized to it, so they don't tell cells to let the sugar in. With nowhere to go, sugar accumulates in the blood. By triggering AMPK, berberine makes your cells more communicative and helps your cells recognize glucose and get it out of the bloodstream and into the cells where it's needed.

If controlling blood sugar is your main concern, you'll also find berberine in Advanced Blood Sugar Formula. I recommend this product to target blood sugar concerns specifically. But if you're more worried about getting your cholesterol and triglycerides under control, stick with Mediterranean Cholesterol Formula. Just don't be surprised that it comes with a side effect — one you and your doctor will be pleased about!

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