The type of sleep that increases a woman’s risk of heart disease by 82%

Volume 13    |   Issue 22

You know by now that sleep is very important. Everyone should aim for a minimum of seven hours of good quality sleep a night. However, new research has found that a certain sleeping pattern may actually be harmful to your health.

According to new research, there’s a style of sleeping that’s linked to a significant increase in risk of developing metabolic syndrome for women. This, in turn, makes you more susceptible to heart disease. This style doesn’t have anything to do with whether you sleep on your back or on your side, in your bed or on the couch, or starting at 9 pm or 11 pm. It’s whether you take longer naps during the day.

The researchers found that not only was taking long naps associated with this increased risk, being excessively tired during the day was too. That tells us that it’s probably not the naps themselves that are causing the problem; it’s probably the lack of good sleep at night. Still, consistently taking naps that last longer than about 40 minutes is a warning sign that your health probably isn’t optimal.

What’s more, these results only applied to women. In fact, the male subjects were not susceptible. The researchers said, “No statistically significant associations were detected between daytime napping hours and metabolic syndrome among the male subjects.”

But wait – you’ve probably heard before that naps can be beneficial. And according to the results of this study, they can be. But it seems that’s true only if they’re short. For this meta-analysis, researchers evaluated data from 21 different studies covering over 300,000 participants. The participants reported on their sleepiness and nap habits, and the researchers evaluated their histories of metabolic syndrome, type-2 diabetes, and obesity.

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The researchers found that there was no increased risk for metabolic syndrome if the participants napped for less than 40 minutes. In fact, if they napped for less than 30 minutes, their risk actually dipped slightly. But longer naps were a different story.Napping for 90 minutes increased risk of metabolic syndrome by up to 50%, and the risk continued to climb as naps got longer. These long naps also corresponded to a 50% increase in type-2 diabetes, as did being excessively tired during the day.An earlier study that these same researchers published in the journal Sleep found that naps lasting an hour or more increased cardiovascular disease risk by an impressive 82% and increased risk of death from any cause by 27%.If you’re taking long naps on a regular basis, simply powering through an afternoon groggy won’t help. You need to address the underlying problem that’s making you so tired. Chances are you’re not getting enough sleep at night. Pure Sleep can help you by soothing your mind and regulating your circadian rhythms. If you have been suffering from sleeplessness, you should also take steps to bring your risk of metabolic syndrome down. Advanced Blood Sugar Formula will lower your blood sugar and help normalize your insulin sensitivity.If you regularly take naps that are under half an hour, research indicates that you can keep it up – just make sure they stay short.

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