How to kick-start dying cells and slow down the aging process

Volume 13    |   Issue 9

Resveratrol has fast become one of the most popular antioxidants because most people love two of its sources: red wine and chocolate. Resveratrol is remarkable because there has been so much scientific research substantiating its efficacy. One of the most impressive and unique effects this powerful antioxidant has is what it does to the aging process. It has the ability to invigorate aging cells.

Scientists are still investigating the mechanism of how resveratrol works. But study after study indicates that it does. In one such investigation, researchers investigated how resveratrol affected cultured human peritoneal mesothelial cells (HPMCs). These are specialized epithelial cells that play an important role in inflammation, metabolic disease, and, curiously enough, ovarian cancer. The researchers wanted to evaluate how resveratrol affected the HPMCs' growth and senescence, or aging process. Cells that become senescent are still alive, but they're tired and no longer able to divide and reproduce.

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They found that exposing the cultured cells to resveratrol significantly improved their ability to grow. And the cells were able to divide more times before they became senescent. They also exhibited up-regulated mitochondria biogenesis (where the mitochondria recreate themselves in the new cells). And their mitochondrial membranes were less likely to collapse. Moreover, they had less DNA damage and better repair efficiency.

The researchers concluded that the resveratrol's ability to kick antioxidant and DNA repair mechanisms into gear was likely the force behind the delayed senescence.

It's important to keep in mind that in this study, the cells were directly exposed to resveratrol. Other research has found that relying on your diet (or your drinking) to supply resveratrol may not result in significant benefits. This is one dietary ingredient that packs a punch when taken in a substantial amount.

Advanced Polyphenol Formula is unique because it's a combination of different resveratrols and strong synergistic food originated antioxidants, such as wild blueberry. Using this formula twice a day can give you the benefits of resveratrol and a host of antioxidant powerhouses.

I recently received a letter from an Advanced Bionutritionals customer who had been taking this formula for the past two months. She reported an increase in energy. This is not something we would necessarily expect, but it makes sense. When our cells have improved oxygenation, our body works better.

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