Can this salt therapy save your bones?

Volume 13    |   Issue 8

One health issue that women are often focused on as they age is osteoporosis. There's a lot of conflicting information available about how to prevent it, but it's certainly an important issue to address, as osteoporosis can lead to bones that are so weak that even mild exertion can lead to fractures. One of the mechanisms involved in the development of osteoporosis is bone resorption, a process in which cells called osteoclasts break down the bone itself. Bone should then be rebuilt by osteoblasts. But sometimes this cycle gets out of balance, leading to osteopenia and eventually to full-blown osteoporosis.

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A group of researchers have suggested that eating a diet heavy in animal protein, which is how we Americans typically eat, can put a heavy strain on the bones. It creates an acidic load that leads to increased bone resorption. They speculated that countering this acid load using positive alkaline salt therapy could help protect the bones. To investigate this theory, the researchers recruited 83 women with postmenopausal osteopenia to participate in a study.

For this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, they gave the women either a placebo or 40 mEq of potassium citrate daily over the course of a year. The researchers measured a number of bone turnover markers to determine the supplement's effects on bones. They found that while it didn't help improve all markers of bone formation, it did have a significant impact on markers of turnover. So while it didn't necessarily help the body build bone back up, it did seem to slow its loss.

If you're worried about bone loss as you age, a potassium citrate supplement may benefit you. However, if your bones are already weak, you need to address the other side of the equation as well and build them back up. A supplement like Ultimate Bone Support can help you do that and it will help the potassium citrate stop the bone loss.

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It turns out that numerous varieties of medicinal mushrooms have been researched for their unique health-invigorating properties. One formula, MycoPhyto Complex, is outstanding in strengthening immune function and protecting us from viral and bacterial assault. This formula is also exceptional in keeping our respiratory system strong through the winter months. Many of my patients rely on this formula to get them through the winter without experiencing a cold or flu.

Another great way to keep strong on a daily basis is by drinking green tea. Green tea is full of polyphenols – specifically epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is considered one of the powerhouses of antioxidants. It's known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Using MycoPhyto and drinking green tea throughout the winter months is an effective and safe strategy to protect yourself from bacterial and viral infection. If you are not a fan of green tea you may want to consider a Green Tea Extract supplement. This supplement will help your immune system stay strong and give it the ability to put up a good fight against any virus you might encounter.

Of course, this strategy is not a guaranteed silver bullet. Should you get sick, Dr. Isaac Eliaz, who designed Mycophyto, told me that simply by increasing the Mycophyto capsules to three caps twice daily, your illness will be shortened.

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