When respiratory infections won't go away, consider these remedies....

Volume 12    |   Issue 46

About four years ago, Emma came to see me for an acute upper respiratory infection. She had taken two courses of antibiotics, but she wasn't really getting much better. She suffered with asthma as a child and was worried that her breathing seemed to be getting worse since the infection had started.

I suspected Emma primarily had a viral infection, not a bacterial one. As you may know, viral infections don't respond to antibiotics. Did you know that with about 75% of bacterial infections, treating them with antibiotics makes the infection three times more likely to return within two months? Emma needed something that would not only clear up her symptoms, but get rid of the infection for good.

First, Emma began taking Osha Root. Osha, or Ligusticum porteri, is a native American herb found in the Rocky Mountains. Osha is remarkable in that it simultaneously improves the circulation to the lungs and calms respiratory inflammation. That helps make breathing easier almost immediately. I like a product called Root It Away Osha Syrup, which is available on Amazon. You can take this particular syrup straight or make it into a hot tea, following the label's instructions.

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Emma also took some Gan Mao Ling for three or four days and homeopathic Oscillococcinum. Gan Mao Ling contains four strong anti-viral herbs and several supporting antibacterial herbs. It's great to have on hand and take as soon as you feel you may be coming down with something. That and Oscillococcinum are both available from Amazon and can often help you head off an infection.

After just three days, Emma called and said she was feeling better. I had her continue the Osha for another five days and then transitioned her to a maintenance dose of Andrographis, another common anti-viral herb, for a week. Andrographis or a good Andrographis formula acts like the "clean-up crew." It's my go-to herb for mopping up remaining traces of an infection. Emma also supported her adrenal glands by taking 1,000 mg of Pantothenic Acid twice a day for 10 days.

Whether you use natural or prescription antibiotics, it's beneficial to supplement with a probiotic to get your digestion back in healthy working order. 

When possible, I like to use natural remedies to fight off infections rather than antibiotics. But if you've used antibiotics already or that's the best fit for your particular infection, remember that it's essential to supplement with a probiotic to restore healthy bowel bacteria after any course of antibiotics. I recommend Advanced Bionutritionals Advanced Probiotic Formula, which contains six powerful probiotic strains to restore your gut health.

NOTE:  If you are nursing or pregnant - please DO NOT use any of the herbs mentioned above.

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