Why these women must avoid sugar...

Volume 12    |   Issue 44

Much as I wish this weren't the case, sugar is bad news for our health. As we learn more each week, sugar contributes to a number of health issues. Reducing the amount of sugar you consume is one of the best changes you can make if you want your diet to work for you rather than against you. Now, a new study has found that this is especially true for women who want to reduce their risk of breast cancer.

Prior to this study, which was published in Epidemiology, very little research had been done that focused on diet, particularly carbohydrates, glycemic index, and glycemic load, and breast cancer in women. The researchers wanted to determine whether there was a relationship between these dietary factors and breast cancer risk as well as whether being overweight or obese and being physically active made a difference.

For the study, they reviewed data from a Mexican population-based case-control study. They matched up 1,000 women who had breast cancer with 1,074 control participants who did not have breast cancer. The participants were between the ages of 35 and 69. Then they compared their carbohydrate intakes, glycemic indexes, and glycemic loads.

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Overall, they found that increased carbohydrate intake was indeed associated with an increased risk of breast cancer among the women who were premenopausal. However, when they broke down the analysis by body mass index (BMI), they found the positive association between carbohydrates and premenopausal breast cancer only in the women who were overweight. The women with BMIs lower than 25 did not show this association.

Of course, this doesn't give you a license to eat unlimited carbs if you're not overweight. For one, that's a good way to increase your BMI. But if you're overweight, you may want to be especially careful about your intake. Make sure the carbs that you do consume come from healthier sources, such as whole grains and low glycemic fruits, not from sugar or white flour. Read labels and try to avoid added sugar whenever possible. This especially includes sugary drinks like fruit juice and soda. These products are high in carbohydrates and calories without any fiber to help you feel full.

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Amadou A1, Degoul J, Hainaut P, Chajes V, Biessy C, Torres Mejia G, Huybrechts I, Moreno Macia H, Ortega C, Angeles-Llerenas A, Romieu I. "Dietary Carbohydrate, Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load, and Breast Cancer Risk Among Mexican Women." Epidemiology. 2015 Sep 3. [Epub ahead of print]

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