When nothing seems to help depression, fatigue, and weight gain, this might...

July 2, 2015
Volume 12    |   Issue 27

Jackie had a very sad and difficult childhood. When she was only 10 years old, her stepfather raped her. Not surprisingly, Jackie felt like a prisoner in her childhood home. Even after she grew up and was able to move out, she still felt trapped. She visited physicians and psychiatrists, trying to find relief from the heaviness she felt. She was diagnosed with depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome. She tried medication after medication, but nothing seemed to help.

Jackie's depression became totally debilitating. Two years ago, she lost the ability even to go to work and had to retire early. Still, she continued to visit doctors, hoping for a solution. Her blood work always came back "normal," so her doctors immediately assumed she needed psychiatric rather than physiological help.

When Jackie came to see me, I asked her about her symptoms. Jackie reported that she was tired most of the time, she had trouble getting motivated to exercise, and she was gaining weight. These signs can indeed point to depression. But they weren't the only symptoms she was experiencing. Jackie ate a healthy diet, which made her weight gain more surprising. And she complained that her hands were always cold. I noticed something else unusual too — the outer edges of Jackie's eyebrows were sparse. No, she wasn't over-plucking. These symptoms can all point to something other than depression: hypothyroidism.

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The thyroid is a small, but vital organ intimately involved in communication with the entire endocrine system. Even a small decline in thyroid hormone can have significant consequences for health and longevity over time. As we age, our thyroid function generally slows down, but sometimes the change is severe enough that it interferes with our daily functioning.

Jackie was over 50. Based on her age and her other symptoms, I decided her thyroid levels were definitely worth checking out. Sure enough, they had deviated from the norm. I had Jackie try a natural nutrition combination that I like to use to enhance the thyroid's natural function. It is Dr. Jonathan Wright's ThyroPlex for Women. It's specifically designed to help support endocrine function in women over 40.

Within a week, Jackie was back in business. She was able to exercise without feeling like she needed to crawl back in bed afterward. She told me that she felt like the "black curtain" had risen. I'm so glad we didn't let Jackie's childhood trauma obscure our search for a solution to her symptoms. That would have been yet another tragedy.

If you are experiencing some of the same symptoms Jackie had and haven't found a solution yet, don't give up. Talk to your doctor about whether your thyroid could be to blame, especially if you’re over 50. If your doctor thinks ThyroPlex may help you too, you can order it from Amazon.

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