How to make your daily walk even more heart protective

March 25, 2014
Volume 11    |   Issue 12

We know that walking is good for your heart - but where you walk matters too. If you're walking in the city, you'll experience some benefits, but not as many as if you took a stroll in the forest. New research explains that forest walking helps your heart relax.

Your experience probably tells you that walking in the forest is more peaceful than walking in the city, but there wasn't evidence to back that up until now. This study found that walking in the forest truly does have therapeutic effects, as it facilitates the parasympathetic nervous system and suppresses the sympathetic nervous system. This helps the cardiovascular system relax and may reduce negative psychological symptoms as well.

In order to demonstrate this, researchers evaluated 48 adult males through two days of field research. They measured changes in heart rate variability, heart rate, and blood pressure to draw conclusions about how the participants' cardiovascular systems reacted. They also administered four different questionnaires to the participants to see how walking affected their psychological states.

They found that the participants' heart rates were much lower when they walked in the forest compared to when they walked in the city. And their questionnaires showed that walking in the forest decreased negative moods and anxiety much more than urban walking did.

Taking a walk is great for you. But if you want to get the maximum benefits from your time spent walking, find a forest to walk in. Your heart and your mood will thank you!

But don't stop there. You need to make sure your cardiovascular system is in top shape. The exercise - and where you exercise - is vital. Taking nutrients like those in Circutol along with the regular walking can keep your heart and the rest of your vascular system in tip-top shape.

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Lee J, et al. "Influence of forest therapy on cardiovascular relaxation in young adults," Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 02/11/2014.

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