To stop Alzheimer's, what you drink might be more important than what you eat

April 23, 2013
Volume 10    |   Issue 17

You probably know that the food you eat plays an important role in your overall health. But when it comes to preventing Alzheimer's disease, what you drink may be even more important. Researchers have recently discovered that natural chemicals found in green tea and red wine help stop the progression of Alzheimer's. While researchers aren't ready to recommend that you start drinking green tea and red wine to defend yourself against the disease, I certainly am! After all, they're safe, and research indicates that they're effective.

Alzheimer's disease occurs when toxic clumps of amyloid protein latch onto and kill brain cells. It's a widespread disease without a cure. But if researchers can better understand these amyloid protein balls, they'll be much closer to preventing the disease and ultimately finding a cure.

When amyloid proteins build up, they latch onto prions in nerve cells. Eventually, the buildup causes the nerve cells to malfunction and die – but not before the connection triggers the production of even more amyloid, creating a vicious cycle. Researchers wondered if the shape of the amyloid ball was essential to its ability to bind properly to the prion receptors. If so, there might be a way to change its shape and save the nerve cells.

When research showed that extracts from red wine and green tea reshape amyloid proteins, it was time to test the theory. Sure enough, with a distorted shape, the protein balls could no longer bind to prion receptors. The nerve cells survived.

Of course, the researchers are saying they need more research. It's job security. So they'll wait to make definite conclusions about this study. But don't wait for them to conduct their double-blind studies and draw their conclusions. Go ahead and add these safe nutrients to your diet.

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To protect yourself from Alzheimer's disease or to slow down its progression, drink as much green tea as you like, and one glass of red wine, daily. Better yet, include supplements like Green Tea Extract and Advanced Resveratrol Formula to your daily nutrient regime. These can provide even more phytonutrients to battle this devastating disease.

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Jo V. Rushworth, Heledd H. Griffiths, Nicole T. Watt and Nigel M. Hooper. Prion protein-mediated neurotoxity of amyloid-β oligomers requires lipid rafts and the transmembrane LRP1. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2013 DOI:

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