Why this popular bone supplement may be killing you

March 19, 2013
Volume 10    |   Issue 12

I've been telling you for years that taking too much calcium isn't good for your bones – or for your health. Taking excess calcium in supplements not only makes your bones brittle, it hardens your arteries as well. Now, conventional medicine is starting to agree.

A recent study of more than 60,000 women looked at the connection between long-term intake of dietary and supplemental calcium. The researchers wanted to know if taking calcium supplements caused death rates to go up from all causes and, specifically, from cardiovascular disease and stroke.

If you've been reading my newsletter for very long, the results won't surprise you. The researchers found that taking high doses of calcium (1,400 mg per day and higher) significantly increase your risk of dying from all causes, cardiovascular disease, and ischemic heart disease. However, they didn't see any increase in risk for stroke.

What's more, the researchers found that dietary calcium didn't increase death risk at all. And taking 500 mg per day in supplemental form didn't increase risk either. The researchers suggested keeping calcium intake from all sources between 600 and 1,000 mg per day.

That's exactly what I've been saying for decades. And that's why Healthy Resolve contains only 500 mg of calcium. It's all the supplemental calcium you need!

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JAMA Internal Medicine, 02/05/13.

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