Two delicious ways to lower your blood pressure

February 19, 2013
Volume 10    |   Issue 08

Hypertension affects one in four people in this country, often leading to heart attacks and stroke. Too many doctors prescribe medication, but that isn't the only option for lowering your blood pressure. There are a couple of delicious ways to bring your blood pressure down without any harmful side effects.

The first is gazpacho. Even though you make it with salt, it can lower your blood pressure if you eat it regularly. We already know that the ingredients in this cold Mediterranean soup – tomato, cucumber, garlic, and olive oil, reduce hypertension. Not surprisingly, a new study says that this particular combination of these ingredients works just as well.

The study's scientists believe that the bioactive elements of gazpacho counteract salt's effects. So if you've been told to reduce your sodium intake, you may be able to tolerate some in gazpacho – while you lower your blood pressure.

Another heart-healthy food that many avoid for its fat content is the avocado. In a study conducted at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), researchers found that adding half an avocado to a hamburger reduced the production of nutrients that contribute to inflammation. And, as you know, inflammation is a risk factor for heart disease and most other chronic illnesses.

That's not all.

Those who ate the plain burger had reduced blood flow. But those who ate the avocado with their burger didn't see any reduction in blood flow.

Whether or not you would still need medication to lower your blood pressure is not the issue. It's important to know that eating a heart-healthy diet really can make a major difference in your health. As an added bonus, it can help you eliminate or reduce the amount of medications you take.

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