More proof your brain needs these fats

December 11, 2012
Volume 09    |   Issue 50

If you have any doubts about the ability of omega-3 fats to improve your memory, it's time to put those doubts to rest. For years we've seen study after study show the benefits of taking omega-3s for seniors. But people have wondered if the fats could improve the memory of those who are already at peak cognitive performance. That would be the sure sign of their effectiveness.

Well, researchers just found out the answer.

For the first time, researchers wanted to know if omega-3s could benefit the memory of those in the 18-25 age range. At this age, your brain is functioning at the highest level you'll experience in your lifetime. So if omega-3s can boost your brain power at this time of life, then it can work wonders.

This team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh took a group of young participants and put them through several tests prior to giving them any supplements. They had them undergo positron emission tomography (PET) imaging. They analyzed their blood samples. And then they asked the group to perform a working memory test. During this "n-back test," as they call it, the researchers showed the participants a series of letters and numbers. The participants then had to keep track of what they saw one, two, and three times prior.

Then they gave the group Lovaza (an FDA-approved omega-3 supplement) for six months. After the six months, the researchers asked them to complete a series of tests again. The results were impressive.

Bita Moghaddam, project investigator and professor of neuroscience, said, "We found that members of this population can enhance their working memory performance even further, despite their already being at the top of their cognitive game."

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To take your brain's performance from its highest level and help it work even better is astounding. We've never seen any supplement or drug do this. So it's clear omega-3 fatty acids are vital for your brain's function.

If you're not taking an omega-3 supplement, please start now. It will help keep your brain functioning at a high level. Advanced Bionutritionals sells a high-quality fish oil product called Daily Omega. Make sure you're taking it daily. Your brain will thank you. And if your children and grandchildren aren't taking omega-3s, send them this article and encourage them to boost their brain power too.

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