Will chocolate help you win a Nobel Prize?

October 23, 2012
Volume 09    |   Issue 43

Some researchers just released a study that says the number of Nobel laureates a country produces per capita is related to how much chocolate the people eat. A new book by researchers from Kings College London and the Wellcome Trust details their finding. They say the countries that eat the most chocolate have a disproportionate number of Nobel Prize winners. Is it possible chocolate really does make you smarter?

Perhaps! But this study doesn’t prove it. I find the conclusions interesting, but far-fetched. You can’t draw a direct link between chocolate and IQ simply because the people of a particular country eat a lot of chocolate and win Nobel prizes. Science requires more detail than this. There could be other factors contributing to their success. It could be their educational system, other dietary factors, or something else altogether.

All this study does is add a little bit more evidence that dark chocolate does help you brain function better. There’s a lot of evidence that there is an association between dietary flavonoids and a reduced risk of dementia. And dark chocolate is high in these chemicals. So is red wine and green tea. So eating lots of dark chocolate may enhance cognitive performance. And we know that Nobel laureates have to be pretty darned smart. So there may be a connection.

If you really want to enhance your brain function, feel free to eat some dark chocolate periodically. But don’t eat too much. The sugar can contribute to blood sugar and insulin problems. This is where the research on chocolate stumbles. The researchers admit that it takes an extremely high amount of cocoa to increase the number of Nobel prizewinners in a country. Author, Dr. Franz Messerli, who works at St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals, said: “The amount it takes, it’s actually quite stunning, you know.”

Frankly, I’d rather see you get your flavonoids from grapes, green tea, and the supplements that have concentrated dosages of these chemicals.

For instance, you can get far more flavonoids from Advanced Resveratrol Formula and from Green Tea Extract than you can from eating chocolate and grapes and drinking green tea. Both of these supplements provide you with enough flavonoids to greatly enhance your brain function. They probably won’t make you a Nobel laureate. But I think most of us would be happy with keeping our memory functioning at its peak.

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