The only way to protect yourself from arsenic in rice

October 02, 2012
Volume 09    |   Issue 40

It’s the same story all over again. First, someone discovers a toxin in our food supply. Then they tell us the amount isn’t really all that toxic. In fact, it’s unlikely to cause any health problems.

A few days ago this story applied to arsenic levels in rice. Arsenic is a toxic heavy metal that occurs naturally in the environment. This means you can’t escape it.

But a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences last year found that rice, and rice syrup, were laced with arsenic. And another study found that energy bars and infant formula – two products highly sweetened with brown rice syrup – contained significant concentrations of arsenic.

Today, the FDA insists that the amount of arsenic in these foods may be safe. They’re going to test roughly 1,200 samples of rice. By the end of this year we should know whether or not arsenic in rice products is a problem.

The FDA doesn’t really have a solution if arsenic levels are dangerously high. People are still going to grow and eat rice products.

That’s why I predict they’ll eventually tell us that the amount of arsenic in rice is no health problem. Even if it really is.

But whatever the arsenic levels in rice are, there is a simple solution. One we should all take if we’re concerned about heavy metals in foods. It’s called modified citrus pectin, and it’s a substance that scientific studies have proven to bind to arsenic and remove it from your body.

Phytotherapy Research recently published one of those studies. In this study, the researchers found that MCP increased the urinary excretion of arsenic 130% in the first 24 hours!

So if you want to eat your rice and avoid arsenic poisoning, take MCP. There are several forms of MCP on the market, but the scientific studies have used only one of them – PectaSol, the active ingredient in PectaSol Detox Formula. So it’s the only one I recommend. However, don’t take it alone. You should take it with Detox Complete to thoroughly protect yourself from this and many other toxins.

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