Can red wine help you avoid dangerous falls?

September 04, 2012
Volume 09    |   Issue 36

You probably know that drinking too much wine can make you fall down. But did you know there’s a well-known compound in red wine that can help you avoid falling? At least that’s what a new study says.

In this study, researchers wanted to find out how a diet containing resveratrol, the so-called “miracle molecule” in red wine, effects balance and mobility. So they fed this diet to young and old laboratory mice for eight weeks. Then they had the mice walk across a small balance beam and counted the number of times they took a misstep.

At the beginning of the study, the older mice had far more missteps than the younger mice. But after four weeks, not only did the older mice make fewer missteps, they became as proficient as the young mice.

The researchers said this is the first time they’ve seen dexterity return to this degree. The only other time they see this type of improvement is in Parkinson’s disease patients when they take powerful drugs to improve their motor-related problems. But otherwise healthy individuals shouldn’t take these drugs. So the researchers wanted to see if resveratrol could deliver similar results for healthy people without side effects. It worked!

Until this study, it was not clear how resveratrol works in the body. Some have said it worked through the mitochondria. But this team of researchers found a different mechanism. They exposed neural cells of the mice to dopamine. The neurotransmitter can induce cell death when there’s too much of it. That’s what happened to the neural cells of these mice.

However, the neurons in those mice treated with resveratrol first survived the dopamine exposure. They found that the resveratrol reduced the damage from the dopamine. It also activated protein signaling pathways that promoted cell survival.

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Unfortunately, your body doesn’t absorb resveratrol very well. If you wanted to get all your resveratrol from wine, you’d have to drink 700 glasses of red wine a day to get enough. A fraction of that amount would make you fall down far more than the resveratrol could counteract.

So you have to take resveratrol supplements to see any impact. You can buy resveratrol from any health food store and online. However, many of these products don’t contain enough resveratrol to help. So you need the highest quality product with a powerful dose of resveratrol.

The only one I trust to deliver this kind of strength is Advanced Resveratrol Formula. In an independent review by, the vast majority of resveratrol supplements contained 25 milligrams or less. Some contained as little as 2 milligrams of resveratrol in each pill! Each daily dose provides a guaranteed 110 milligrams of trans-resveratrol. More than 10 times the amount in many brands. To learn more and order Advanced Resveratrol Formula, simply follow this link. Taking it every day may help you stay on your feet and avoid dangerous falls.

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