The common drug that increases your risk of cataracts by 57%

August 28, 2012
Volume 09    |   Issue 35

Study after study is proving what I’ve said for years – high cholesterol is not necessarily a risk for heart disease. And yet doctors continue to prescribe statins to lower high cholesterol. I’ve warned you about statins before. And the evidence against using them continues to stack up. Now there’s another reason to avoid them.

A new study says that using statins to lower your cholesterol can damage your eyes. In fact, it showed quite clearly that these drugs increase your risk for getting cataracts. The risk is especially high if you’re diabetic.

In the study, the researchers followed nearly 6,400 patients at the optometry clinic at the University of Waterloo. Of these, 452 patients had type-2 diabetes. A slight majority (56%) of the diabetics were taking statins. But only 16% of those without diabetes were taking the drugs.

The researchers found that both diabetes and taking statins caused a much higher rate of age-related cataracts. In fact, diabetes increased risk by 82% percent. The statins increased risk by 57%. Statistically, the researchers said the statins’ increased risk was similar to diabetes.

What’s more, the risk of cataracts increased faster in diabetic patients who took statins than in those without the disease or statin use. For those diabetics on statins, their cataracts developed 5.6 years earlier than the nondiabetics who didn’t take the drugs

The researchers published their study in the August issue of Optometry and Vision Science. This is the official journal of the American Academy of Optometry and carries significant weight in shaping the medical community’s view of eye health. However, I doubt this study will have any impact on the billions of statins taken each year, especially since the strongest conclusion the researchers could draw is “we need more research.”

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You don’t need more research. The solution is simple: take care of your health and avoid statins. You can cure most cases of diabetes and dangerously high cholesterol with the right diet and supplements. You don’t need drugs for either of these conditions.

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