Keep ammonia from destroying your liver

August 07, 2012
Volume 09    |   Issue 32

Did you know your blood has ammonia in it? This toxic compound develops when the bacteria in your intestines break down protein. It’s a normal occurrence. And the ammonia doesn’t usually cause any problems. Your liver converts it to urea and then sends it out when you go to the bathroom. No problem, right? Well, most of the time.

People with liver disease often have trouble making the conversion to urea. If you have cirrhosis or severe hepatitis, this conversion doesn’t happen, and the ammonia levels rise in your bloodstream. This essentially poisons your liver and your nervous system, causing even more problems. It also causes high blood pressure.

However, researchers have discovered that the ammonia isn’t what causes the real damage in these cases. They actually occur because of a deficiency of nitric oxide (NO).

I’ve told you about NO in the past. It’s a substance that dilates arteries and helps blood flow. This increases oxygen throughout your body. So the damage occurs from a lack of oxygen.

To test this theory, researchers developed a mouse model. They used a cutting-edge gene therapy technology to correct the urea-cycle defect in the liver. This normalized the growth and survival of the mice. But it didn’t stop the damage caused by the high ammonia level. And it didn’t drop their blood pressure. Amazingly, they did find a way to fix this problem.

They had to give the mice a NO supplement. When they did, it not only fixed these problems, but other diseases as well.

Does this translate to human? The researchers tested it to find out. They gave a NO supplement to people with the liver defect and it pulled their blood pressure down and fixed other health problems, just like it did in the mice.

So if you have any liver disease, nervous system disorder, or have high blood pressure, you should try a nitric oxide supplement. The best one I’ve found is CircO2. It provides your body with nitric oxide and boosts your body’s oxygen content to help treat these conditions, and many others.

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