The vicious fast-food cycle

May 22, 2012
Volume 09    |   Issue 21

As you may know, most fast food isn’t good for you. It causes obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and maybe even cancer. And, according to a new study, fast food can cause a vicious cycle that’s tough to break out of.

New research has found that eating junk foods can lead to depression, and the more you eat, the greater your risk. One problem is that when you’re depressed you often don’t feel like fixing — or eating — healthy foods.

So the more depressed you are, the less likely you are to fix a healthy meal. And you become more depressed.

The researchers in this study followed 8,964 participants. None of them had ever struggled with depression, had a depression diagnosis, or taken antidepressants. They assessed the participants for an average of six months.

Of these participants, 493 received a depression diagnosis or started to take antidepressants during the six months. That’s a high number of people to go from never having depression to having it in just six months.

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This study found that those who eat fast food are 51% more likely to develop depression than those who eat little or none.

So do you have to give up fast food to eat healthy? The answer is no. But you may have to give up going out to get your fast food. Instead of buying your fast food from a restaurant, stock up on healthy frozen foods like those made by Amy’s. They’re organic and taste good. And pulling them out of the freezer and heating them up couldn’t be faster. What’s more, they’re readily available at most health food stores like Whole Foods.

If you can’t avoid eating out, look for the healthiest options. And make sure you’re taking a powerful multi-vitamin mineral like Healthy Resolve. I also suggest you take 5,000 IU of vitamin D. It helps prevent depression and could keep you from entering this cycle of depression and poor eating.

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ScienceDaily, Mar. 30, 2012.

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