Drug company admits its osteoporosis drug causes jaw disease

May 01, 2012
Volume 09    |   Issue 18

I’ve been saying for years that bisphosphonates, a common group of drugs designed to prevent or treat osteoporosis, can lead to osteonecrosis in the jaw. And for years, the dental community has insisted that these drugs are completely safe. Now they’re starting to sing a new tune.

But instead of admitting that bisphosphonates can cause your jawbone to disintegrate, they’re trying to limit the damage. Yes, they’re admitting that the drugs can cause the damage — but only in a small group of people. Researchers at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine have found that some people may, indeed, be at risk. It all depends on their genetics.

These researchers have found a genetic variation that can raise your risk of developing necrotic jawbone lesions when you take the drugs. The researchers found that patients with this genetic variation are 5.8 times more likely to develop the jaw disease. Of course, the finding gives the makers of bisphosphonates another income stream — they’re developing a genetic screening test to determine who can safely take the drugs.

Assuming this study is accurate, which is a big assumption, the screening test could tell if you’re at a higher risk for complications from the drugs. What the test won’t tell you is if you’re free from risk. That’s because the study says those with the genetic variation have a greater risk. It didn’t say that those who don’t have the variation are without risk. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you have the genetic variation or not, the drugs can still cause the problem.

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Now, if you’re a strong believer in conventional medicine, this is great news. It will help you reduce your risk if you take the drugs. But why take the drugs at all? There’s no need to.

You can lower your risk of osteoporosis naturally and completely avoid any jaw-bone disease at the same time. I have never seen one person who uses my osteoporosis treatment and prevention plan develop a necrotic jaw. NEVER! But I have seen them significantly improve the health of their bones.

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