Can this powerful herb help Alzheimer’s patients live 75% longer?

March 06, 2012
Volume 09    |   Issue 10

It’s about time. Researchers are finally studying the effects of an herb on Alzheimer’s disease.

The herb is the anti-inflammatory turmeric root, and its active ingredient is curcumin. I’ve told you about this amazing herb in the past. It has incredible healing abilities. In fact, it can fight pain, cancer, and anything that inflammation may cause.

Well, Alzheimer’s is another ailment that has inflammation as one of its root causes. So those in alternative medicine typically treat the disease with anti-inflammatory herbs and nutrients. Turmeric is one of the best. And this study gives us a glimpse of just how powerful it is.

In this study, researchers from Sweden gave curcumin to fruit flies with a nervous disorder similar to Alzheimer’s. Compared to flies that didn’t take anything, the flies taking curcumin lived 75% longer. And they maintained their mobility longer.

While this study was on fruit flies, the biology of the disorder is very similar and should translate to humans. But, obviously, we need more studies to prove this.

But you don’t need to wait for more studies to start using turmeric. It’s very safe and it’s great for your overall health. What’s more, there’s a form of turmeric that’s significantly stronger than the form used in this study.

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I told you about Meriva, a newly patented form of turmeric, last fall in my newsletter. An Italian company developed it and studies show that it’s 29 times better absorbed than normal turmeric. Meriva is not a drug. You can find it in health food stores and on the Internet. It’s also an ingredient in the powerful anti-inflammatory formula Reduloxin. If you’re suffering from any form of dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other inflammatory condition, I highly recommend you try this product.

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