Juice isn’t the only food with poison in it

December 20, 2011
Volume 08    |   Issue 52

Avoiding toxins is just about impossible in today’s world. They’re everywhere – even in healthful foods. For instance, you may have heard that researchers recently found high levels of arsenic, a toxic heavy metal, in apple juice. But apple juice is just the tip of the iceberg.

A team of scientists out of Dartmouth University has found arsenic in a group of women in New Hampshire. Where did it come from? Another very common food.

In this new study, the researchers tested the urine of 229 women for arsenic. They divided the women into two groups. One group had eaten rice in the last two days prior to testing. The second group had not eaten any rice.

The researchers also tested the tap water in their homes to see if any arsenic was coming from the water or the rice. What they found startled me.

Those women who ate rice had a median urinary arsenic concentration of 5.27 micrograms per liter. That was significantly higher than the non-rice eaters, who had a median concentration of 3.38 micrograms per liter.

As you may know, I’ve talked about eating rice for many years, particularly brown rice. Studies have shown that brown rice can actually reduce your blood pressure. And it has other health benefits. So finding this much arsenic in rice is a real concern.

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Arsenic is a naturally occurring toxin. It’s in the ground and often gets into ground water. But some plants, including rice plants, can absorb the arsenic as well. Small amounts of arsenic will not hurt you. But we’re finding more and more sources, which can increase your exposure and cause cancer and other diseases.

So should you stop eating rice? No. There are ways to reduce your exposure to arsenic without giving up this healthful food.

First, try to buy rice imported from China. China has much higher standards on arsenic content in rice. In fact, the U.S. and the E.U. do not have any standards. So if you can find Chinese rice, buy it.

If you can’t, or just prefer to buy locally grown rice, you can still protect yourself from the arsenic. All you have to do is take PectaSol Chelation Complex. This is my favorite product for removing heavy metals, including arsenic, from your body. Studies show it effectively removes arsenic and other metals. That means you can continue to eat rice without worrying about the toxins from it.

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