Science proves resveratrol stops cancer

November 01, 2011
Volume 08    |   Issue 45

In the 15+ years I’ve written Women’s Health Letter, we’ve received numerous letters from resveratrol users about its ability to prevent and reverse cancer. Some of those letters depicted dramatic cancer reversals. While I can’t prove these stories are true, I do trust my readers. Now science is starting to catch up to what you already knew. Resveratrol can stop cancer cells!

A new study in the distinguished FASEB Journal made an amazing, though not surprising discovery. The researchers found that resveratrol stops breast cancer cells from growing. The researchers in this study said the resveratrol works by blocking the growth effects of estrogen. It’s so effective it can stop the progression of malignant tumors.

In the study, the researchers exposed several different types of breast cancer cells to resveratrol. Then they compared these cells to identical cell lines that they didn’t treat. The cells treated with resveratrol experienced a significant reduction in their growth.

After seeing this, the researchers wanted to know the mechanism resveratrol uses to beat cancer cells. So they conducted other tests that revealed the nutrient caused a drastic reduction in the estrogen receptor levels of the cancer cells.

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This discovery is great news for us women. It means there’s a substance that’s non-toxic to normal cells (even beneficial) but extremely toxic to breast cancer cells. And it’s readily available over-the-counter at an affordable price.

If you have cancer or are just worried about cancer, add resveratrol to your supplement regimen. If you have (or have had) cancer, you’ll want to talk to your doctor about adding it. You need to make sure you’re taking the dose he recommends. The resveratrol I recommend as a general immune and overall health booster is from Advanced Bionutritionals.

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