Protect yourself from radiation poisoning now!

March 15, 2011
Volume 08    |   Issue 12

The recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan filled all of us with horror as we watched the devastation on television. These acts of nature will change Japan and the lives of the Japanese forever. The natural disasters are bad enough.

But then the unthinkable occurred. And it has the potential to affect your life and the lives of people in other countries as well. Several nuclear power plants suffered explosions and varying degrees of meltdown. Some experts say radiation from these events could reach us in the U.S. and affect our health if conditions are right. The latest news, in fact, mentioned that the wind is blowing away from Japan toward the Pacific Ocean — toward the U.S west coast.

If the wind changes and the radiation doesn’t reach us, we will be safe for now. But there are still thousands of sites containing uranium throughout the world. And accidents happen, as we saw with Three Mile Island.

Now people are asking, “What can I do to protect myself if some of this radiation comes our way?”

My answer is: Plenty! Remember, uranium is a heavy metal. And we know how to remove heavy metals from our bloodstream before they cause health problems.

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I’ve written about the dangers from heavy metal toxicity for years. Once absorbed, they’re difficult to remove without powerful chelators. These toxins are the underlying cause of many chronic illnesses from cancer to heart disease and neurological problems. The heavy metals that are most talked about are mercury, lead, and aluminum. We need to change this. When we talk about heavy metal toxicity we now must include uranium — the heaviest heavy metal there is.

The best solution I’ve found to remove uranium is an oral chelation product made from modified citrus pectin and sodium alginate: Pectasol Chelation Complex. The pectin in this formula is the only one studies show to effectively bind to heavy metals and remove them. The sodium alginate comes from seaweed, shown to bind to toxins in the intestines.

You may hear about other chelation products that claim to remove heavy metals. When it comes to radiation poisoning, I want to know it works. That’s why I take Pectasol Chelation Complex daily and have for years. It works. During the Chernobyl disaster, they used pectin to reduce radioactive radiation with great success. They reduced radioactivity among children with elevated readings by over 50%. And it also removes any traces of mercury from the fish I eat and from old dental amalgams. Pectasol Chelation Complex is available from Advanced Bionutritionals.

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