Taking expensive blood pressure lowering drugs? Ask your doctor for this instead

September 21, 2010
Volume 07    |   Issue 38

If you have high blood pressure, chances are your doctor has prescribed either an ACE inhibitor or a calcium channel blocker. And it’s probably costing you $300 to $600 a year. At this price, you’d expect the best possible solution. But it’s not. There’s not a pharmaceutical company around that wants you to know what I’m about to tell you.

You see, pharmaceutical companies spend tons of money to bring each of their drugs to market. It costs a lot to prove that a medication is both safe and effective. Obviously, they don’t want to hear that there’s a cheaper solution. But for people at risk for heart disease and stroke from high blood pressure, there is a cheaper — and more effective drug.

This drug is available and it costs just $25 to $40 yearly.

A study out of Loyola University studied more than 33,000 people with high blood pressure for four to eight years. The researchers found that a cheap diuretic (“water pill”) was more effective than a calcium channel blocker in preventing heart failure. And it was better than an ACE inhibitor in preventing stroke and heart disease.

But that’s not all.

There was a 20% higher death rate from stroke in the people on ACE inhibitors. And there was a 12% increase in hospitalizations and deaths from heart disease in people who took calcium channel blockers.

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So if your doctor prescribes an ACE inhibitor or calcium channel blocker, ask for a diuretic instead. It’s safer and less expensive.

If you’d prefer a natural solution, I’ve got good news for you. I’ve written about natural ways to lower blood pressure in my monthly newsletter. Subscribers can access them on my website. My personal favorite is a heart support supplement called Circutol because it not only lowers blood pressure, it can often eliminate arrhythmias. Mine disappeared after experiencing two years of non-stop irregular heartbeats and chronic hypertension.

You also can take Circutol’s herbs and heart-regulating nutrients along with your medications. If you decide to try it, talk with your doctor and make sure he monitors you. This is smart, no matter what you take.

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Loyola University Health System (2010, August 14). Expensive new blood pressure meds no better than generics, according to long-term data. ScienceDaily. Retrieved August 18, 2010, from http://www.sciencedaily.com — /releases/2010/08/100813082715.htm.

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