Ignore the ads — high fructose corn syrup isn’t harmless

August 24, 2010
Volume 07    |   Issue 34

There’s a dangerous ad on the radio and TV that suggests there’s no difference between fructose and other sugars. They’re both perfectly safe, the ads say. Shame on the ad executives responsible for these ads! They’re very misleading.

We know that high fructose can cause heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. That should be enough to warn people about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup as well as cane sugar (plain old white sugar). These are the two main sources of fructose. But the news gets worse.

Researchers at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center recently found a link between fructose and cancer. Simply speaking, “safe” fructose feeds cancer cells just as much as refined white sugar. It triggers the production of nutrients that cancer cells use to divide and multiply. While this study used pancreatic cancer cells, the researchers believe the results are likely to apply to other kinds of cancer as well.

As you may know, high fructose corn syrup is the sweetener used in many soft drinks. It’s also the sweetener in puddings, cookies, and other desserts. Food manufacturers love it because it’s cheap and keeps foods moist.

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However, high fructose corn syrup has some deadly – and unsightly effects on the body. In another study, this one out of Princeton University, the rats eating fructose accumulated more belly fat than rats that ate cane sugar!

So make sure you read labels carefully and avoid both cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup in all foods. Don't over-eat foods high in fructose. They include applesauce, fruit juices, canned and fresh fruit, and honey. This doesn’t mean you should avoid eating fruit. But limit your intake to one or two pieces of fresh fruit a day. And don’t drink undiluted fruit juices.

We all have cancer cells in our bodies, but they may be inactive and cause no problems. Don’t take the risk of “turning on” any dormant cancer cells by feeding them fructose. It could be deadly.

High amounts of sugars can cause weight gain and a number of nasty illnesses, where small amounts are safe. 

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Medical News Today, August 2010.

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