Is this the natural pain remedy you’ve been looking for?

January 19, 2010
Volume 07    |   Issue 3

If you suffer from chronic pain, you’ve probably tried a lot of natural products. And there’s good reason for it. Many of the 50,000 plants used as medicine contain a variety of natural pain-killing substances. In fact, I recently heard about a new herb from South America that promises to reduce your pain.

The news broke after a Brazilian researcher, Graciela Rocha, led a team that examined the effects of a member of the mint family, Hyptis crenata (Brazilian mint), on laboratory animals. Brazilians have used this herb for thousands of years to relieve the pain from headaches and stomach aches. This study showed that the mint was as effective as a synthetic form of aspirin.

Now the researchers are about to test this herb on people. But don’t wait for a drug based on its active ingredient. It could be years before a derivative from Brazilian mint becomes a drug. And even longer before more studies prove that it has no side effects.

We may see this herb in health food stores before long (some may already have it). But it will likely be very expensive, as new herbs usually cost more. So spend your money more wisely. There already are natural, effective plant-based supplements you can use for pain relief made from herbs that have no side effects. I’ve talked about some of them in my newsletter. Turmeric is one of them. Holy basil is another. And there are many others to choose from. Not only are these proven, they’re inexpensive.

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Recently, I’ve been using a new combination of anti-inflammatory herbs in a formula called Reduloxin. So far it has reduced pain in everyone I’ve given it to. There’s no reason to wait for a Brazilian mint product to become available. Alternatives to aspirin already exist.

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