Are you wasting your money when you buy organic?

November 17, 2009
Volume 06    |   Issue 47

Are organic foods any better than those grown with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers? A British report made the news recently when it essentially said, “No, they aren’t.” Was the report accurate? Are you really wasting your money when you buy organic foods?

The answer to both questions is no. First, this report was based on limited research. They ignored half of the good quality studies because they weren’t written in English. And they ignored research from the European Union – which was in English — published as recently as last April.

The truth is organically grown foods are much healthier. They are higher in nutrients and lower in disease-promoting chemicals than those grown traditionally.

This inaccuracy is especially troubling because it comes from a public health agency — The U.K.’s Food Standards Agency. This makes it particularly dangerous. This agency carries an air of credibility, so people are likely to believe it.

Fortunately, a study from another credible source — the prestigious Newcastle University in England — gives us the truth. This study compared cows that graze on organic farms with cows eating non-organic feed. The results? The cows fed organic food produced milk with significantly higher amounts of healthful fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins than the other cows.

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This Food Standards Agency report also failed to include the results of a study by scientists at Rhode Island Hospital. In this study, researchers found a correlation between nitrates and food. It concluded that nitrates, when combined with pesticides, increased deaths from diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. I discussed this in last week’s alert. This is what makes the nitrates in bacon and other pork products so unhealthy.

And I’ve talked extensively about the link between pesticides and Parkinson’s in the past. I’ve seen firsthand how pesticides can destroy a life. I know a chicken farmer who now has advanced Parkinson’s. I know that excessive nitrates caused his condition. When we removed the nitrates and pesticides from his body with chelation therapy, he improved.

Organic foods are safer and healthier than non-organics simply because they contain fewer contaminants. A recent study of elementary school-age children revealed this. University researchers and scientists from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) fed the children all organic foods. Then they measured the amount of pesticides in their urine. It contained no traces of the pesticide malathion. Then they gave the children their former diets consisting of non-organic foods. Their urine showed varying amounts of pesticides from low to very high.

While the pesticides may not cause health problems today — which is what most studies evaluate — they could cause long-term health problems. So the contaminants you and your family ingest today may very well contribute to serious chronic illnesses in the future.

I’ve seen hundreds of people regain their health after removing heavy metals and pesticides. And the way they do it successfully is with two oral chelation products, PectaSol Chelation Complex and PectaSol Detox Complete (order at 800-791-3395) containing modified citrus pectin and sodium alginate.

If you have any chronic health problem, I have two suggestions. First, eat organically grown foods as much as possible. And second, remove contaminants from your body with an effective detoxification program ... like using PectaSol. It’s the only oral chelation product proven to be both safe and effective. Eating organically is not enough. You have to aggressively remove pesticides and other toxins from your system.

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