Why chemotherapy and radiation may make your cancer worse

October 13, 2009
Volume 06    |   Issue 42

If chemotherapy and radiation doesn’t kill most of your tumor cells, you could be in serious trouble. In fact, Mark W. Dewhirst, DVM, PhD says “you are shooting yourself in the foot.”

Amazingly, this statement isn’t coming from an alternative medicine doctor. Dr. Dewhirst is the professor of radiation oncology at Duke University Medical Center. This is a very prestigious conventional medicine institution.

What’s really surprising, though, is what Dr. Dewhirst and his team of researchers discovered next. They found that chemo and radiation can make tumors stronger and more able to survive!

While chemo and radiation kill most solid cancer cells, there are usually some that survive. The ones that do are able to increase angiogenesis. This is the process that sends out more blood vessels to feed tumors. If this happens, it would likely put you more at risk than if you did nothing.

One solution would be to block the factor that leads to angiogenesis. This would cut off the tumor from its food supply. Dewhirst and his team are looking for ways to do this. But Dewhirst may have missed an easy solution. It’s a solution that has sound scientific studies backing it. So what could be an easy way to stop angiogenesis? Modified citrus pectin.

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Pectin is a known cancer fighter. When it’s the right molecular size and weight, it can get into tumor cells and block angiogenesis. In the past, I’ve told you about the one pectin used successfully in scientific studies that does just this. It’s called PectaSol. I’ve not only talked about this product before, I wrote a small book on the subject (Modified Citrus Pectin: A Super Nutraceutical, Basic Health Publications, 800-610-2107).

Now there’s an improved version of this nutrient. It’s PectaSol-C with enhanced cancer-blocking activity. In my opinion, anyone with cancer should seriously consider taking it. It doesn’t matter whether they follow a conventional treatment, use integrative medicine, or do both. PectaSol-C is a terrific adjunct to any therapy.

You can read more about PectaSol-C in the July 2008 issue of my newsletter. It’s available at no charge to all newsletter subscribers. If you’re not a subscriber, you can sign up now simply by following this link. And you can order PectaSol-C by calling EcoNugenics at 800-308-5518.

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