900 reasons you should avoid statins

August 04, 2009
Volume 06    |   Issue 33

I’ve written before in health alerts that statins don’t work well on women — perhaps the best reason for you to avoid them. I’ve explained that the guidelines for using statins are based on a biased report. And I’ve told you that statins contribute to liver toxicity while they rob you of the heart’s essential nutrient: coenzyme Q10. Still, many women continue to use them without even questioning their efficacy and safety.

Perhaps this will change your mind.

A new paper from the University of California San Diego’s Statin Study group provides enough reason to seriously question their use. It found nearly 900 studies on statins’ adverse side effects. That’s right, 900!

Some of the most common side effects from statins are muscle pain, fatigue, and weakness. But that’s not all. It looks like statins can rob you of your memory and ability to think coherently. And they can cause pain or weakness in your fingers and toes — a condition known as peripheral neuropathy.

The problem is dose-dependent. The stronger the statins, the more likely you’ll have side effects. Interactions with various drugs and grapefruit juice can increase the potency of statins.

With time and further studies, I predict we’ll hear about even more serious side effects from statins. Especially with the growing body of evidence that finds cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease.

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Golomb, BA and Evans, MA, “Statin adverse effects: a review of the literature and evidence for a mitochondrial mechanism,” Amer Journ of Cardio Drugs, 2008.

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