Is this the flu pandemic I warned about?

April 28, 2009
Volume 06    |   Issue 21

You’ve probably seen the news reports. Swine flu is moving through Mexico and into the southwestern United States. At this point, the worst of the situation is in Mexico. But is it going to move across the U.S. and cause a huge medical emergency?

I’ve been following this topic in medical journals for many years. And I’ve written extensively about the possibility of a flu pandemic. Doctors and researchers have been worried about it as well. While we haven’t heard about serious flu problems for a while, it’s suddenly in the news. Suddenly, it’s a serious problem.

I want you to know that the problem has been serious for years. But most people have ignored it.

Most health authorities thought a pandemic would be from an avian flu, like the one that hit the world in 1917 and 1918. The current flu isn’t from birds; it’s from pigs (swine flu). But pigs are unusual. They pass along viruses to and from both birds and humans. This, and other viruses, mutate. This one can become either stronger or weaker as it struggles to survive.

As you may know, antibiotics are useless. They don’t stop viruses. And many antiviral medications don’t necessarily work, either. If you come down with any flu, stay away from people and get as much rest as you can.

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Then, take an immune-supporting supplement like MycoPhyto Plus. It contains medicinal mushrooms grown on immune-boosting herbs. The mushrooms take on some of the properties of the herbs on which they're grown. The result is an enhanced super nutrient that can boost your immune system and fight all kinds of bugs, including viruses.

I tell all my friends, family, and patients to keep at least one extra bottle of this formula. Since I’ve been taking it, I’ve had only one three-day flu in eight years. Previously, I had every cold and flu that came around.

It’s much better to support your immune system for several months. That’s why I encourage everyone to take this supplement year-round. But even if you haven’t taken them for several months, medicinal mushrooms can still help. You can order it by following this link.

Next, get a big jar of vitamin C and take 1,000 mg every hour or two. You may get loose stools, but that’s all the discomfort you’re likely to experience.

Stop eating sugars. They feed both bacteria and viruses.

Get plenty of sleep.

Wash your hands for 15-20 seconds with hot soapy water several times a day, and keep your hands away from your face.

Your ability to fight the flu will be directly related to how healthy your immune system is. If you keep it strong, you’re more likely to fight off any flu that comes along, even the swine flu.

Your voice of reason in Women's Health,

Source:, September 27, 2005.

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