This drink increases the anti-cancer properties of a popular supplement

April 14, 2009
Volume 06    |   Issue 19

If you’ve been reading my newsletter, you know I’m big on mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms, that is. They’re my favorite supplement to support a healthy immune system. I’ve personally used mushroom formulas for years to keep away winter colds and flu, and have avoided getting sick like the people around me.

Mushrooms work beautifully for immune-based health problems, as hundreds of studies have shown. People around the world use a number of varieties in cancer protocols in addition to, or instead of, conventional therapies. But a new study shows that you can get even more protection simply by adding a common drink to one of these mushrooms.

The effect of nutrients often increases when you take several of them. Doctors call this a synergistic effect. Two recent studies have shown that when you drink this common beverage along with a particular mushroom, it slowed down the progression of cancerous tumors and prolonged the life of laboratory animals. The mushroom is the reishi mushroom.

And the beverage? Why, none other than green tea!

A Chinese researcher took two strong extracts — one of reishi mushroom and one of green tea polyphenols — and tested their effects on mice injected with cancer cells. The mice that had both reishi and green tea extracts lived longest.

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But there’s more. This combination may be useful in cancer prevention. This same researcher gave reishi extract, a combination of reishi and green tea extracts, or nothing, to laboratory mice. After the mice took these extracts for two weeks, the researchers injected the mice with cancer cells. Two weeks later, the mice taking both extracts had a 45% decrease in tumor weight. Reishi alone had a much smaller effect.

If you take a mushroom product to boost your immunity, you can reach for an extract or look to an even newer concept: medicinal mushrooms grown on immune-enhancing herbs. That’s what I use. The product is called Mycophyto Plus. Whichever product you use, you may want to include either a green tea extract or drink a few cups of green tea each day along with it.

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