Study proves flu vaccine research is a fraud

April 07, 2009
Volume 06    |   Issue 18

Vaccines must be an effective way to protect against influenza. After all, just about every doctor tells us that they’re not only beneficial, they’re necessary. Dozens of studies back up this recommendation, especially since many of prestigious journals published them. Why would these journals publish these studies if their conclusions weren’t valid?

The answer: Money!

A group of researchers at the Cochrane Vaccine Field in Italy found this when they examined 274 studies on influenza. To their surprise, they discovered that most flu vaccine studies were poor quality. And they found that the most positive studies were the worst quality of all. So why were they published in the medical journals? Look to the studies’ sponsors for the answer.

The researchers found that the studies paid for, either partially of in full, by the medical industry (pharmaceutical companies, for instance) appeared in the most well-known journals. And other outside articles use these particular articles the most as sources.

This translates into megabucks. Companies spend huge amounts of money buying reprints of studies that mention their products. They give these out like candy to doctors. And the doctors have little time to read more than the journal abstract. The more prestigious the journal, the more likely the doctor will prescribe the vaccine or drug. Pharmaceutical companies also buy ads in these journals for name recognition and to advertise their products and services.

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The bottom line is that many scientific studies funded by companies with a vested interest in their results heavily influence our health care providers. They, in turn, influence us to use products or services we may not need.

When it comes to protecting yourself from colds and flu, instead of getting a flu shot that may give little protection, take steps to support your immune system. Getting enough uninterrupted sleep, eating a healthy diet low in sugars and refined grains, getting moderate exercise four or more times a week, and washing your hands frequently, all go a long way toward fighting the flu.

For even more protection, consider taking an immune-boosting supplement like medicinal mushrooms. The formula I take every single day is MycoPhyto Plus. It contains medicinal mushrooms grown on immune-enhancing herbs. This boosts their effectiveness even more. I’ve had only one three-day flu in the seven years I’ve been taking it. Before I started taking it, I got every cold and flu that went around.

And while flu season may be ending, you need to build your immune system throughout the year for best protection. So don’t wait until flu season rolls around again to begin protecting yourself.

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BMJ-British Medical Journal (2009, February 23). Publication Of Flu Vaccines Studies In Prestigious Journals Are Determined By The Sponsor. ScienceDaily, Retrieved February 24, 2009.

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