This common drink makes antibiotics more effective

June 04, 2008
Volume 05    |   Issue 21

You may not like taking an antibiotic, but sometimes it?s your best option. When you do, you want that antibiotic to work. The biggest problem with antibiotics is that many bacteria have become resistant to them. They just aren?t effective, especially against some superbugs.

As a result, researchers are looking for a better antibiotic. But this may not be necessary. Scientists in Egypt have found a simple solution hidden in their culture. It makes antibiotics two or three times stronger. And you may be drinking it already.

These pharmacy researchers noticed that many Egyptians, who love green tea, were probably drinking it while taking antibiotics. They wanted to know what effect the combination of green tea with antibiotics could have. Did it weaken the effects of the antibiotics? Make them stronger? Have no effect whatsoever?

They set out to find answers and were astonished at their findings.

They tested green tea with antibiotics against nearly 30 disease-causing microorganisms - including some superbugs. When patients drank green tea with their antibiotics, it strengthened the antibacterial activity in every case. In fact, it boosted the effects of one antibiotic by 99.99%!

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So if you, or anyone you know, need an antibiotic, be sure you take it with a cup or two of green tea. And don?t forget to take probiotics for a week or two after any antibiotic to repopulate your intestines. Antibiotics destroy good bacteria along with the bad guys.

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Society for General Microbiology (2008, April 1). Green Tea Helps Beat Superbugs, Study Suggests.

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