How safe is your ketchup?

May 27, 2008
Volume 05    |   Issue 20

I don?t eat a lot of ketchup, but I do enjoy it on a veggie burger and with some bland foods. And I always make sure it?s organic. Now I realize that?s not enough. Most ketchup on the market today has two serious health problems.

First, most of them come in plastic bottles. You?ve probably heard that plastic water bottles aren?t safe. Even at room temperature, a toxic chemical that alters sex hormones called Bisphenol A, or BPA, leaches out of the plastic and gets into the water. It?s time to change your water bottle to one made from glass or stainless steel.

But what about ketchup and fruit juices? Are yours in plastic or glass bottles? You see, acidic foods in plastic bottles are no safer than water. They may be even more dangerous and contain more PBAs.

What?s more, ketchup is best when it doesn?t contain sugar, because sugar affects blood sugar levels and feeds bad bacteria. Most ketchup, both conventional and organic, still has cane sugar in it. The sugar may be raw, but it?s sugar just the same.

Now I?ve found a tasty ketchup made without sugar and packed in glass bottles. Who could want anything more? Not me. It?s sweetened with agave - a natural sugar that doesn?t affect blood sugar levels.

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I must say this product turned me off originally. Its name is Wholemato Organic Agave Ketchup. The idea of a sweet ketchup wasn?t at all appealing to me. Am I glad I tried it! There?s just enough sweetness to cut the acidity of the tomatoes - like any good ketchup.

Now the folks at Wholemato have come out with another product: Spicy Organic Agave Ketchup with just a touch of heat. Give one or the other a try as we move into hot summer months. It?s ideal for picnics and barbeques.

Look for these healthier ketchups in your local health food stores. For more information, go to

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