The candy that eliminates tooth decay

March 18, 2008
Volume 05    |   Issue 11

You may know that sugar feeds the bacteria that causes tooth decay. And that the longer sugar remains in your mouth, the more bacteria it can feed. That?s why candy, especially hard candy, is so rough on your teeth.

Well, that?s not necessarily true any more. There?s now a sugar-free candy that actually kills this bacteria (Streptococcus mutans). A team of researchers from the UCLA School of Dentistry discovered an ingredient that gives the candy its bacteria-killing abilities.

The secret ingredient is licorice extract. Fifteen milligrams per lollipop. The researchers claim that one lollipop will kill 99.9% of Strep mutans. More importantly, it leaves beneficial oral bacteria alone. The researchers also suggested that people suck on one lollipop after breakfast and again after dinner for 10 days. And repeat this two to four times a year.

These lollipops and other hard candies are ideal for killing Strep mutans. The longer the licorice extract remains in your mouth, the more bacteria it destroys. Since licorice root is naturally sweet, no other sweetener is necessary for this candy.

Expect to see these candies in your local drugstore at some point. Delta Dental has invested $10 million in studies proving its effectiveness. Right now, you can purchase them, sold under the name of Dr. John?s Herbal Candy, in packages of 20. They are available at or for $10.

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By the way, these candies have no licorice after-taste. They?re slightly sweet, slightly tart, like a fresh orange. They?re delicious!

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University of California, Los Angeles (2008, February 5). Enjoy Candy Without The Cavities: Good Lollipop Kills Bacteria That Causes Tooth Decay. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 6, 2008, from /releases/2008/02/080204144715.htm.

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