How to reduce the toxic effects of statins

January 15, 2008
Volume 05    |   Issue 02

I?ve talked about the dangers of statins before. And given recommendations for safer supplements and lifestyle changes. But did you know that many people never suffer any side effects from statins and other drugs?

The reason is because their bodies remove medication residues quickly and effectively. That?s why doctors keep telling us they?re safe. Actually, they tell us the benefits outweigh the risks. They know the problems they can cause.

Unfortunately, some of us are more susceptible to these problems. And, even if you handle them well at first, the more drugs you take (and the longer you take them), the harder your liver has to work to remove them. The older you are, the longer it takes to detoxify - and the more likely you are to have side effects.

So if you must take statins, there?s an easy way to minimize or eliminate some of these negative side effects.

Whether you?re currently taking statins, or have taken them in the past, consider going on an effective detoxification program. Intravenous chelation therapy is effective, but it?s expensive and few doctors use it in their practice. What about oral chelation? The problem is that not all oral detox products are effective. In fact, most of them are not.

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I?ve found one that is. It binds to pharmaceutical drugs and pulls them out of the body: It?s called PectaSol Chelation Complex (PCC). The modified citrus pectin it contains is the most studied modified citrus pectin product in the world. Give it a two-month trial and let me know how it works for you. PCC contains both modified citrus pectin and sodium alginate, from seaweed. The combination is effective in removing drug residues and heavy metals. I haven?t found anything that works as well. For more information, follow the link at the top of the page.

To read more on removing pharmaceuticals and their residue, read my article in the October 2007 issue of my newsletter. It?s available at no cost to all newsletter subscribers.

And don?t forget the well-documented need for taking at least 100 mg of CoQ10 along with statins. This nutrient is essential to a healthy heart, and statins deplete it.

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Talbert, RL, "Safety issues with statin therapy," J Am Pharm Assoc, July-Aug 2006.

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