Why you shouldn?t take certain fish oils

July 03, 2007
Volume 04    |   Issue 27

Omega-3 fats, such as those found in fish oils, are becoming increasingly popular. Research is finding they?re protective against everything from heart disease to macular degeneration. But not all fish oils are created equal. In fact, there are good reasons to avoid certain fish oils.

Some actually have saturated fats in them. And other fish oils have only one-third as much of the beneficial essential fats as higher quality brands. How can this be? It?s a consequence of supply and demand ... and greed.

As more people buy these supplements, manufacturers look for ways to cut costs and increase their profits. So some buy cheaper oils and figure that you won?t know the difference. Sadly, they?re right.

But a group of ethical supplement companies have banded together to guarantee that the fish oils they sell contain no saturated fats and are high enough in essential fats to protect your health. You can find more information about this trade association, GOED Omega-3, on their website, <www.goedomega3.com<><. At this time, 90% of North American and European suppliers belong to this association that?s guarding the quality of omega-3 supplements.

There are two primary grades of fish oil. The standard grade fish oil contains just 20% DHA/EPA (two essential fatty acids). The other is a high-concentrate fish oil consisting of 50-70% DHA/EPA. The higher the healthier.

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Now, here?s how you can tell the difference. It couldn?t be simpler. Take a fish oil capsule and place it in your freezer for 24 hours. If the oil in the capsule gets cloudy, you have the standard grade fish oil with the lower amounts of DHA/EPA. The higher concentrated fish oils won?t get cloudy.

Cloudiness can identify another aspect of your fish oil supplement: saturated fat. Fish oil supplements that are low in omega-3 fats are high in saturated fats. So if your supplement doesn?t pass the 24-hour freezer test, change your brand. A reputable company will sell only toxin-free, high-quality fish oils. By the way, the essential fatty acid supplement that is part of the Vitality Plus packet doesn?t get cloudy in the freezer. I already tested it for you. </www.goedomega3.com<>

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<"Omega-3 fatty acid products and saturated fats," Altern & Comp Therapies, April 2007.

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