Why you should avoid this new probiotic product

June 05, 2007
Volume 04    |   Issue 23

There are not enough friendly bacteria (probiotics) in most yogurts to improve the ratio of flora in your intestines. But it?s a good selling point. Unfortunately, many probiotic products have the same problem.

Lots of people know that probiotics support a healthy immune system and good digestion. Supplement manufacturers have known this for decades, which is why there are so many probiotic pills and powders on the market. Some are strong and effective, while others are merely a way for companies to make money based on promises rather than results.

Food manufacturers know this, too, so they?re beginning to add probiotics to other products. Take Kraft Foods, for instance. They?ve recently launched the first cheese with probiotics. It?s only available in Canada now. But I predict it will be just a matter of time before you?ll find it in your favorite supermarket. Look for a big marketing blitz when it becomes available.

Kraft says this cheese, called LiveActive, contains more than one million Bifido and Lactobacillus organisms per serving. This amount is a drop in the bucket. Supplements contain billions of organisms. Kraft goes on to say that LiveActive "contains probiotics to help you live an active life." Now, what in the world does that mean? How does a slice of cheese with a few probiotics added in help you stay active? I don?t know and Kraft isn?t saying.

Actually, they?re not saying very much at all. Only that the cheese should be refrigerated, and that cooking with it may reduce the amount of probiotics. May reduce them? Come on. It will kill them dead.

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I don?t expect this product to be any more effective than any inexpensive yogurt with low-quality probiotics. But you can be sure it won?t be inexpensive cheese. After all, marketing this product is going to cost Kraft a bundle.

If you?re looking for ways to increase your friendly bacteria, stick to probiotic supplements. Dr. Ohhira?s, Natren, and our own Advanced Probiotic Formula (with 3.5 billion organisms per serving) are three products that will give you results rather than empty promises. You can find Dr. Ohhira?s Probiotics 12 Plus and Natren?s Healthy Trinity in health food stores. Advanced Probiotic Formula is available at 800-728-2288 or here www.advancedbionutritionals.com/probiotic/.

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