How to tell if your food is cloned

April 03, 2007
Volume 04    |   Issue 14

Some time next year, scientists expect to give the okay to sell foods from cloned animals. This includes meats and dairy products. The scientists say that cloned foods are safe. This may be true. However, there?s no way I would eat anything that?s been cloned. Sure some scientists say it?s safe. But we simply don?t know the long-term effects of eating cloned foods right now.

Since government scientists haven?t found any difference between conventional and cloned animals, cloned meats and dairy won?t carry a label that says, "Cloned." At least they won?t unless, and until, Congress requires it. So how can you tell if the bacon, hamburger, or yogurt you?re buying comes from cloned animals?

That?s simple. Look for the round, green USDA organic label.

"Organic animal products will not come from cloned animals," says Caren Wilcox, head of the Organic Trade Association.

They?re not alone. The largest organic farming cooperative in the country, Organic Valley, promises to continue to prohibit sanctioning cloned vegetables as organic. So if it says "organic" on the label, your food is clone-free.

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Some companies that are not organic are planning to put a "clone-free" label on their products. But only time will tell whether or not the FDA approves this labeling. They should. A recent poll found that 64% of consumers were uncomfortable eating cloned food. I?m one of them. So until long-term studies are done, you should avoid any cloned meats and dairy.

Instead, look for the organic label. It means a lot more than pesticide-free.

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Quaid, L. "No clones allowed in organic foods," AP, 2/3/07.

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