Cut your breast cancer risk in half with this cheap nutrient

February 20, 2007
Volume 04    |   Issue 08

What if you could cut your risk for breast cancer in half by taking an inexpensive, easy-to-find nutrient? One that required no prescription. And what if it cost absolutely nothing at times? Well, I?ve got good news for you. That?s just what a team of researchers out of the University of California in San Diego found.

They analyzed two large studies, the Harvard Nurses Health Study and the St George?s Hospital Study. And they found that many women are not getting enough of a common nutrient to protect them from breast cancer. These researchers evaluated more than 1,750 women for their levels of vitamin D. Then they followed them to see whether or not they came down with breast cancer.

The results were unmistakably clear. The women with the lowest blood levels of vitamin D had the highest rates of breast cancer. Those who had the highest levels of vitamin D had the lowest incidents of breast cancer.

What?s more, these researchers were able to determine how much vitamin D is protective: They concluded that if a woman took 2,000 IU of this vitamin/hormone a day, she could cut her risk in half. And it wasn?t even necessary to take any supplemental vitamin D in the summer months if she spent time outdoors in the sun.

That?s all you need to do to lower your risk! Either take a couple of cheap vitamin D pills, or get out in the sun around noontime on a clear day for 15 minutes.

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If you decide to take vitamin D supplements, be sure to take vitamin D3. That?s the natural form, and the one that?s been shown to be best absorbed.

Vitamin D is an incredibly important nutrient. I?ve talked about its role in forming healthy bones, and in warding off colds and flu. I?ll continue to update you with the latest reports. Look for them in upcoming issues of my newsletter.

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Stringer, N, "Two new studies back vitamin D for cancer prevention", UCSD, Feb 7 2007.

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