Certain probiotics won't save you from E. coli – are yours strong enough?

January 30, 2007
Volume 04    |   Issue 05

Our food supply will never be free from harmful bacteria. No matter how hard farmers try, there just isn?t any way to stop such organisms as E. coli from getting into our spinach, lettuce, onions, or other foods. That means you have to protect yourself. And the best way to do it is to make sure you have sufficient probiotics - friendly bacteria - in your gut. One solution is to take probiotic supplements.

The problem is some probiotics on the market are worthless. They contain much lower levels of beneficial organisms than their labels say. These supplements won?t protect you from harmful bacteria like E.coli.

Tod Cooperman at ConsumerLab.com tested 13 popular probiotic products. Only eight of them had one billion organisms, the minimum recommended quantity. One formula, made for a popular drugstore chain, contained only 30 million organisms!

Several probiotics that did make the grade are: Culturelle, Enzymatic Therapy, and Jarrow. You can find these in most health food stores. Unfortunately, ConsumerLab.com can?t test every probiotic on the market. I personally know of one they didn?t test. It?s our Advanced Probiotic Formula from Advanced Bionutritionals.

It?s guaranteed to have 3.5 billion organisms in each capsule. Every batch is assayed to guarantee potency.  In fact, when the most recent batch was assayed, we discovered that the product actually contained 9.9 billion organisms per capsule - nearly three times the labeled amount!

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The number of organisms in probiotic products is important, but it?s not everything. These friendly bugs need to survive exposure to stomach acid so they can attach to the lining of the intestines. That?s why Advanced Bionutritionals capsules are enteric-coated.  That way, the probiotics pass through your stomach unharmed and are delivered to your intestines.

I can vouch for the Advanced Bionutritionals product. In addition to being strong, it?s less expensive than some of the others. Plus it has a money-back guarantee. You can read more here: www.advancedbionutritionals.com/probiotic

Whatever product you choose, make sure it?s tested for potency. And if one product doesn?t work for you, try another.

Supplements can be an effective way to help you regain your health. But only when they are of good quality. Subscribers to my newsletter can read more about this subject in my article, "Health on a Shoestring: Evaluating Your Supplements," available online at www.womenshealthletter.com.

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