Breast cancer: the mainstream media finally gets it right

December 19, 2006
Volume 03    |   Issue 51

You couldn't pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV last week without hearing the news:  After thirty years of rising breast cancer rates, the rates suddenly dropped sharply.

This sudden drop isn't because women are exposed to fewer toxic chemicals. It's not because women are eating better, taking specific supplements, or reducing their stress. It's because women stopped taking hormones.

New hormone prescriptions fell from 22 million to 12 million in 2002.  This resulted in 14,000 fewer cases of breast cancer the very next year!

When these statistics were published last week, the media and the conventional medical establishment reacted with astonishment.  But as one of my readers, you weren't surprised.  After all, you've known about the dangers of HRT for years!

When I turned 50, I began to go through menopause. My gynecologist, who was known as "Mr. Hormone," told me that HRT was so safe he'd give it to his own wife without hesitation. I refused.  I knew that artificially boosting your hormone levels could cause other problems.  And I was right.

When I first started writing Women's Health Letter, I warned my subscribers about the link between HRT and heart disease.  And I've warned women about the dangers of HRT every year since. They read these warnings years before the general public. This early information may have saved some of them from devastating consequences.

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It's about time mainstream medicine started getting it right.

There are plenty of safe alternatives to HRT.  Hesperidin (a bioflavonoid found in vitamin C), sage, and black cohosh, are all safe and effective nutrients that cool down hot flashes and relieve other symptoms of menopause.

Unfortunately, hesperidin can be hard to find.  So if you'd like to try a powerful formula that features all three of these nutrients, try Women's Preferred Hot Flash Formula ($24.95). Call 800-728-2288 to order.

Other solutions to menopausal symptoms can be found on my website, which is available to all newsletter subscribers.

Whatever you do, unless you can avoid it. It can cause life-threatening illnesses – even mainstream medicine has to admit it now.

Your voice of reason in Women's Health,

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