Can Eating This Kind of Fish Cause Alzheimer's and Parkinson's?

July 06, 2006
Volume 03    |   Issue 30

 You may know that contaminated fish can make you very sick with flu-like symptoms. But did you know that most fish contain contaminants that can cause diseases such as chronic fatigue, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, heart disease, MS, and autism? It's true.  Most fish contains some mercury.  And the bigger the fish, the more mercury it contains.

I recently spoke with Ed and Patricia Kane, two PhDs who see people every day with serious health problems caused by mercury toxicity.  When the patients take steps to remove the mercury, they improve dramatically.

And here's something interesting:  most of the mercury in the patients' bodies is organic methyl mercury, the kind that comes from eating fish.  Very little of it is inorganic mercury or elemental mercury, the kinds that come from dental fillings and industrial waste.

Unfortunately, most medical professionals just don't understand the danger posed by eating fish.  And there are no laws that say seafood companies need to label tuna of tuna with a warning that it contains mercury. This gives a false sense of security to people who eat a lot of fish.  Indeed, many parents think they can safely give their children all the canned tuna they want. 

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Almost all of us have too much mercury in our bodies. So it's important to get it out as soon as possible.

Out of all the products I've seen that claim to remove mercury, the one that impresses me the most is PectaSol Chelation Complex. It contains two ingredients that bind to heavy metals: sodium alginate from seaweed, and modified citrus pectin. This formula attaches itself to mercury and gently removes it from the bloodstream.

I've looked at other oral chelation products, but this is the only one I know of that contains pectin that's small enough and the right weight to get into the bloodstream. If you have any chronic illness or if you want to avoid chronic illness, I strongly recommend PectaSol Chelation Complex. You can buy it from Advanced Bionutritionals at 800-728-2288.

You can read more about mercury poisoning and heavy metals toxicity in past health alerts and on my newsletter's website (

Don't be suckered into believing what you want to hear about mercury. It's toxic, and the more you accumulate in your tissues the more likely you are to get sick from it.

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